Can I add a note bend in the score editor?

Is there a way to add a note bend in the score editor?

Do you mean, add an actual MIDI pitchbend, or just a symbol?
No, for the former… as with any controller, you would need to stipulate a length. (The only controller with variable length that can be inserted into the Score Editor would be done via the crescendo/decrescendo “scissors” when used as Dynamics Mapping, and you’d have to set that up in the Key Editor first anyways :wink: )
As regards symbols, however, there are a couple of diagonals and “falls” that may give you what you are looking for (but they are of course purely “graphic”).

Bummer. I was hoping for an actual MIDI pitch bend. I noticed the pitch bends notated in Guitar Pro tabs/scores functioned in my Ample Sound guitar VSTi and thought I might be able to do the same thing in the Cubase score. I’ve never had very good results drawing such things by hand in the key editor.

Maybe not a total bummer… :wink: I had a quick look the Ample Guitar website - it looks like that vst includes slides on keyswitches, so on the off chance that those sound the way you want maybe you could use an expression map to do this. The symbols Vic mentioned are availiable in the expression maps window.

edit: A slide is not a bend, so my solution would be of pretty limitied use.

The slide keyswitches (for moving up and down the fretboard) work and sound great in the Ample Sound guitars, but that is different than a bend (of a string). It would actually be nice to have a couple keyswitches for basic 1/2 and whole bends, but as it is there is just the standard pitchbend wheel which I have always found tricky to work with in every VSTi. When I ran across a good sounding pitchbend in a Guitar Pro tab it got my hopes up thinking the Cubase score might have similar functionality. Sadly the pitch bend isn’t included in the MIDI out of the instrument either or I would try to grab it and reuse it that way.

Edit: you fixed your mistake while I was posting :slight_smile:

Could you get the output directly from Guitar Tab Pro? (using midi-ox or other midi routing software)

I tried getting it from the MIDI out of the VST directly with no luck, but yeah, there may be some other options. MIDI routing software makes my head spin, but I’ll probably give that a try. The actual Guitar Tab Pro software has a MIDI export function, but maybe a little expensive to buy for a feature that may or may not include the MIDI data I’m looking for. It would probably be nice to have that software anyway though, so maybe down the line.

Thanks guys.

Oh, and just a random thank you to Steinberg. I find it so rare they add a feature I actually want. Thanks for adding MIDI out to the regular instrument tracks in 7.5.