Can I add an insert FX plugin to a folder?

I’m pretty sure the answer is no, but is there a workaround? I know I can add an insert FX plugin to the group tracks but the reason why I’m asking is because let’s say for a percussion group, if I add compression to the group track, it will compress the wet signal from the reverb send FXs that I have on each percussion track due to the chain that Cubase has. Another example would be if I layered 3-4 short string tracks and wanted to add a transient shaper to all of them at once, I wouldn’t want the transient shaper to effect the wet signal, just the dry signal and I know Cubase’s chain is send verb fx first, then group channel inserts after.

PS: I wish Cubase would show folders in the mixer like Studio One! It would be so much cleaner. Even more, making folder tracks actual group tracks. It just makes more sense.

Please see screenshots


You are right, the answer is “no”, sorry.

How does one add something like compression before reverb if the send reverb gets taken into account before the compression on the group track?


Add the Compressor as an Insert effective at the source (Audio) track.

Right but what if you want to do it for tracks all at once, like percussion? To my understanding, I wouldn’t to add compression to each audio track, but rather at the group track level so it covers all the tracks in that group.

This part is a little cryptic. Do you have your Reverb channel output routed to the “Percussion” group? If so, either route the Reverb to the Stereo Out or create another Group Channel and send the output of the “Percussion” group as well as the output of the Reverb channel.

Yes I have 4 reverb plugins for each group track assigned to it’s respective group track. I’ve taken several courses on setting up templates and they all said to do it this way. Because if I send the perc. verb send outputs to stereo out instead of to the perc. group track, and I lower the volume fader on the percussion group track, then it would only lower the dry sound of the vst but not bring the reverb down with it. Please see my screenshot for my routing. Basically my routing flow is percussion instrument track to percussion group track. Percussion EW Spaces reverb send outputted to the percussion group track. Then Percussion group track to “orch” group track, then “orch” group track to stereo out. I keep strings, brass, perc etc. going to the orch group track and have things like synths, bass etc. going to the non orch group track.

Just to make sure I understand your second part correctly…So I would keep my perc reverb send fx going out to the percussion group track and then you’re saying make another group track where I can add the compression insert to, and then have that outputted to the percussion group track as well? How do I know which one gets considered first? It seems it might take me back full circle to my original problem here.

No, but keep in mind this is only one way of doing it. You could also utilize VCA faders.
Here’s what I meant:
“Perc Instrument” {Output} → “Perc.” [Group Channel]
“Perc Instrument” {Send} → “Perc. Reverb” [FX Channel]
“Perc.” [Group Channel] {Output} → “Perc. ALL” [Group Channel]
“Perc. Reverb” [FX Channel] → “Perc. ALL” [Group Channel]

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