Can I add Exporting Cues with overlapping Cycle Markers, to the Export Cueue jobs?

Hey guys,

I was hoping to get some help with this issue.

I write music for movies, and the new Cubase exporting system is a real Godsend!!

But, sometimes some cues overlap each other.

Cycle markers are brilliant and very easy to add to an exporting job.

But I cannot find a way to export overlapping cues, either on Stereo or as individual stems.

If I create a Marker track and I create the region on each cue that I want to export, even when I individually mark which marker track I want exporting, place each region & Tracks on the job cue, Cubase only works with one Marker track at a time,

As some cues overlap, I can only create a marker track per cue and set individual Cycle Markers,

I am missing something??



Yes, the export works with one Marker Track (the active one) only.

But you can overlap the Cycle Markers in the Marker Track.

Many thanks!

I will have a look and hopefully, figure it out.

Yeah, figured it out, stellar stuff, cheers for the info!