Can I add Tablature to an existing Stave


I have created a few single stave lead sheets and then thought afterwards it would be great to add Tablature so I could play my guitar using the lead sheet. I have looked in the manual but can’t find how to do it, as Dorico Pro 3 is such a great program I’m sure it can be done fairly easily I just need to find out how ?


I presume you have used a guitar as your primary instrument.
Goto Layout options (Cntl+Shift+L) and look under ‘Players’. Inside there will be a ‘Fretted Instruments’ option. This will present you with your TAB options.

TopDots, thanks for your help.

When creating the lead sheet I used ‘SOLO’ then the option ‘Lead sheet’ and I think the instrument was just ‘Voice’. I thought about using the guitar later after the lead sheet was created. Sorry but I can’t seem to get my head around Players, Flows and Layouts even after reading the manual and watching Dorico videos, think its a age problem. Possibly because I didn’t use a guitar in the players section the Fretted Instruments is not showing up under Players in Layout Options. I assume I need to change Voice to Guitar for this to work.

Okay, ‘Tis not a problem’. You’re correct in saying that if you did not use a guitar (fretted) instrument as your primary instrument, the tablature options are not visable. I would think the simplist option would be to simply change the ‘voice’ into a guitar. Of course, if you wanted both you may wish to duplicate the voice instrument before changing it.

To duplicate> Goto Setup mode and right click on the instrument and select ‘Duplicate’

To change instrument> Open the card for the player and click on the right chevron and select ‘Change Instrument’ - and then select a guitar of some sort.


PS. A few of us here are getting on in years but please don’t get dishearted. At some point we all got our ‘lightbulb’ moment - I’m sure you’ll get yours. :slight_smile:

Yes that worked exactly as you describe, easy when you know how :slight_smile:

Many thanks for clearing that up.

Regards, Glen