Can I at least change the pitch of the electronic drum sound to match my other sounds?

I really like the “think deep” drum program in grove agent 4, it has this resonating pulsating sound that’s in rhythm with the drum beat, but the pitch of that resonating sound does not match with the rest of the stuff in my song, and I see absolutely no way of changing it. I mean there’s soooooooo much swagger with these programs and yet no simple way to change the pitch of something like this?

Also I have no idea why I cannot give the separate grove agent track it’s own midi channel (or whatever it is I have to do to prevent another track to mysteriously keep altering it’s volume level unless I mute it, which I cannot, because it plays other stuff I need).

Kool kit. I hadn’t seen that before. Yes you can change the pitch of the samples. Select the “Instrument” mode above the pads and “Edit” tab on the left editor side. Select the pad for the sample you want to modify and use the coarse or fine knobs. You can even do some fancy pitch envelopes.

That whole section is greyed out

oh wait, I found it, after some struggle. Thanks a lot. How about assigning a track individual midi channel so that it would not interefere with other track automation? It seems every time I change the midi channel it does not play anymore.

Yes but sounds like you need to change the MIDI channel at the send AND receive points, i.e. change the MIDI ch. of the note on the MIDI track and the sample pad. Perhaps dig into the manual a bit. GA is pretty powerful and can do amazing stuff but there is some investment of time required.