Can I automate the volume on 4 midi tracks at once?

Hi, I’m busy automating the volume on strings and wonder if there is a way to do it for the violins, violas, cellos all at the same time,

thank you for any assistance…Kevin

hey kev=)

first off, are you using a controller, mouse clicking the console faders or do you want to draw it in?
The way I would go about this is: (using a controller or console fader version)

  • select all tracks you want in the console, rightclick, link channels, set which attributes you need synced in the pop up. Then set all those channels to W (write automation) and have fun:P


Hi and thanks for your reply, I’m in the key editor drawing in the volume for various strings…tried linking the tracks in the mixer but not sure how I would draw in the modulation…didn’t work when I went back to the key editor…cheers, Kevin

ps, I don’t have any controllers


ok, might want to try linking the channels with the volume setting…
then, do your editing on one of the tracks. since the other tracks will follow in volume, you should be set…
Activate the automation write (W) on the remaining tracks that dont have the written automation and they should be transferred to those tracks if you want to have the automation visible on all tracks…

i dont think its possible… there was a topic if im not wrong in FR forum.
to edit controller lane in key editor of all chosen midi events
right now its possible to edit/draw only one midi event at a time even if several events are open in key editor… we need some function that allow edit the same values on all midi events opened in key editor

Hi, I did link with the volume setting and yes of course the volumes all will ride the same but is not as effective as drawing the volume modulation in the key editor…though I suppose it should be…it’s harder to get it right with the volume controls…much easier draw it in and correcting anything that’s wrong…hope I’ve not explained that too badly…maybe I’ll have to do them one at a time, I just bet there is a way to draw in for multiple tracks…Kevin

oh!! so maybe it’s not poss…thought for sure it would be…oh well, Kevin

came across something very interesting (for me anyway) if you select all midi events from different tracks then double click on one of them they all become available in one key editor via a dropdown menu above where the instruments are listed…that’s a good start…cheers, Kevin

ohh, was garbling at the top of my head…

just tested it and yeah, its not doing it…

possible solution: draw the automation on one track, then copy that data to the other tracks…

edit: oooh, yeah, your solution sounds good!=)

doing it once and copying data to the others sounds better…but can’t figure out how to copy what I’ve drawn in the key editor…wish I was a computer bod rather than a muso at the mo…Kevin :laughing:

there’s something on page 482 about creating “shared” copies but just can’t figure it out…just got into a hell of a mess…

just close the key editor and open up the corresponding automation lane in the track in the arranger> select all > copy to XX

p.s. yah, im trying to sync the music and the technology as well… lol… that darn rollercoaster:P

you’ve lost me…do you mean the arrange track? because I never use it…

Ok…the solution for me was to put em all in a group channel and draw the atomation on the group channel…not pretty but effective…Kevin :sunglasses:

Not sure if this helps Kevin…
It’s a technique & tip from many years ago when I used a version of Cubase powered by horses & water power and not by automation lanes.
Create a new midi part or track and set it to the output of your, say, violins. Draw your cc7’s in here to suit. This keeps you cc data away from your notation. Once you’re happy with the result, copy the cc7 track to another new track and set it’s output to the violas. Tweak to suit.
Once you’re happy with your results you can always merge the cc data track onto your midi notation track (glue).
I still like to use this technique to record midi cc’s because it means you keep you data separate from the music and it’s easier to do several takes, or work in list editor. It’s also good for experimentation with different controllers and you can easily scrap the cc track without going near the notation if you don’t like the result.
Just a thought…

Thanks Neil, reckon I’m gonna stick with the solution I discovered… controlling all strings from the group track, It’s working like a charm at the mo and it’s really easy to set up…just a group channel…appreciate your input Neil…Kevin

lol… durrr :stuck_out_tongue:

Also much smoother especialy at low levels then midi.