Can I buy pedal effects specifically to use w/VST Amp Rack?


Is it now or will it ever be possible to purchase additional pedal effects for the PRE and POST effects chains within the VST Amp Rack?

If it’s possible now, can someone direct me to some cost-effective and great-sounding packages?


you can look it up yourself under -> shop -> software.

I know I can buy effects. What I’m asking is whether I can buy effects that will appear within the VST Amp Rack.

What I am saying is: If you can, you will find them there.

If you mean add them within the amp rack then I would say no. Not sure why you would need to as if you are using inserts you can add another effect before or after the amp rack. I doubt that they will provide the ability the insert an effect into another effect.

Yes, I knew I could add inserts before or after the amp rack. Having everything inside the VST amp makes it easier to save a guitar “patch” in one place. Thanks for answering my question.