Can I change panel defaults?

When in Write mode, the right panel opens with the clef options available. I never use the right panel for clef options, but frequently use it for barlines. Is there a way to change this by default? Might there be such an option forthcoming?

Why not use the popover to input barlines?

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Thanks, Carlo.
I thought of that after I posted. Still, it would be great to have the option to have the panels open to tools we most frequently use, no?

I’ve wondered about this too. Same for playing techniques… it always defaults to things for strings, which I never use, and I always have to unfurl keyboard and vocal techniques.

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It would be great to have some Favourites panel, or to change the order in existing panels.

Choosing favorite playing techniques would be very welcome!

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I wish I could re-order the playing techniques panel; I only ever use the guitar techniques and have to do 3 opening/closing actions every time I open a file.
Or I wish it could remember what I last used.