Can I change pitch in real time?

I’m still in Cubase 4 and I was really hoping that the effects would have improved more since the OS 9 version of Cubase that I first had, but the pitch shift is still not really cutting it for me. All I want to do is be able to hear the audio that I want to change the pitch of, played along with the music that it’s accompanying and be able to tweak it until it matches the song. Right now it looks like I have to process the file and if it’s not right I have to undo it and try again. I can also “preview” but it only previews a small amount of the file and mutes the background music so I can’t hear if they match. Is there a way to do this in Cubase 4 or any plug-ins that you know of that can do this within Cubase? Also is this possible in the newer versions of Cubase? Thanks for any insight!

Well, it’s certainly possible in Cubase 6 :wink:
As regards 3rd-party plugins, you might like to test-run QuikQuak’s “Pitchwheel”

Thanks for this. I downloaded it but it hasn’t worked for me. I couldn’t hear any change while I made adjustments. It did adjust the pitch if I processed it though. I’ll have to restart the computer and try again.

So version 6 has this feature? Does it work well? How does it sound? I’m definitely ready to update Cubase and I might not switch to Logic if I can actually use the pitch shift function. (I’ve never been able to use it, because the quality has been so bad as well.)

Did you also download the User Guide? The whole beauty of PitchWheel is that it works in realtime :wink: (maybe you had “Snap” switched on (which makes it change pitch only in semitone steps)?
Anyways, “Elastique Pro” is one of the key new features of Cubase 6 (read other users comments here in the Cubase 6 forum :wink: )… not only for time stretching, but great for pitching also.

Do you mean something like sending signal to Pitch Correct and automating it? I’ve done that a few times. Don’t know if version 4 has Pitch Correct, can’t remember, but mDA has a cheap pitch tool as well.

I actually can’t hear anything now when I try to use it. Even with the built in pitch-shift effect. When I hit preview there is no sound at all. Before I hit preview I can hear my music but not any changes. Weird.

Now you’ve got me confused… I thought you wanted realtime, but the fact that you mention “Preview” suggests that you are using the Audio menu Offline Processing, rather than simply inserting the plugin on the audio channel. :confused:

Thanks Vic,
Yeah I was trying to do it from the audio menu. I should still be able to hear something using preview but that’s another topic. Also, I’m not trying to pitch shift the whole channel, just edit a part of a sample, but I can work around this.

So I added pitchwheel to the channel and it worked great. So I can’t do this with the Cubase pitch change though?
Thanks again,