Can I change the direction of selecting notes in Dorico?

When I want to select a note in multiple note selection I press the Down arrow or Up arrow but something very annoying is When I press the up arrow Dorico chooses the bottom note and vice versa when I press the down arrow Dorico chooses the higher note…

Is there a way to reverse this behavior? My Brain doesn’t work like that…

This was brought up a year and a half ago too. No response.

Cool, I didn’t know about this feature - most commonly Dorico selects the entire chord so I have to hunt and peck to try to get individual notes - this is easier.

As for the selection order - bah, it’s obviously going up the stack when you select the up arrow, and vice-versa. Meaning go up the stack when you hit up - your way is select top, which isn’t as closely aligned with the meaning of arrow key operations as they’re used everywhere else, so this approach is eminently logical.

The team has decades of experience with this area and obviously thinks deeply about every feature, I can’t think of the last time they needed to change something because it was illogically implemented. A rarity in the software world.

The one thing I wish is that holding Shift-Arrow would not select the entire chord, but only the add the next note in the chord to the selection. This is a small example where Dorico deviates from common usage. Example …

Select a letter of text in this post, hold shift and move the arrow keys, what do you get? An extended selection, it does not select the entire line. This is an exceedingly common pattern in other applications but Dorico wants to select the whole chord.

ok guess I have to change my way of thinking
Pressing down arrow means I am selecting from top to down :astonished:

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Yeah just think of it like a text naviation- works the same way