Can I change the midi clock speed or tempo to double/half time?

If you have a VST drum machine with a pattern it may be a double or half time mismatch between the drum machine and your project. Is there a way to adjust the tempo so that you work at 140bpm and the drum machine pattern that was programmed at 70bpm plays back at 140? Can Cubase send it double or half time, tempo, or midi clock?

I am sorry, I am not sure if I understand your setup.
Do you use a virtual instrument inside for the drum machine or do you use an hardware physical drum machine?
And which drum machine do you use?

It is a VST drum machine, so a plugin (Think Maschine VST 2.0). They sync to the DAW. Let’s say my project is 120bpm, the drum pattern in the VST was made for 60BPM. How do I make it play back at original speed, and not two times to fast?

I cannot find a VST plug-in called Think Maschine. Do you mean Maschine 2.0 from Native Instruments?
There you could simply drag’n’drop the pattern into Cubase as a MIDI part. Then you use the time-stretch tool in Cubase to change its speed and import it back to Maschine. If you make the part twice as long you have halfed its tempo.
Or maybe there is a way inside Maschine to change the pattern. Please consult the manual of your plugin for this.

I meant “think of” Maschine, or any other drum machine for that matter. My question is not about the VST, only about what tempo information the plugin receives. And no, unfortunately dragging in the midi while browsing patterns is a terrible idea. And it will not help in other use cases where a synth is using a complex setup of tempo based modulation. Trying to reprogram a patch can also be a nightmare.

I am asking if there is a way to get Cubase to send tempo info at half or double tempo to a VST, such as a drum machine. I hope that clarifies the question. My hope is that there is some deep function that perhaps is useful in this case.

You cannot change the tempo of the MIDI clock however by setting “Linear” to the timebase of all the tracks, you can change the tempo of the project independent from what you already have. So set all the tracks to “Linear” then change Tempo to half, double, quarter or whatever, and then all the plugin will follow the change.

To give you the specific answer to your specific question: There is no way.