Can I change the preference location please? (Windows)

Hi all

I’m a home user that also uses my PC for other things.

C drive is SSD with OS and Cubase on
D drive is another SSD where all my other programs are such as Native Instruments

My E drive is where I have all the NI libraries, Cubase Projects, Documents folder etc

I set the PC up exactly as I like it then do an image backup of C and D.

Then 3 months down the line I can do an image restore and just continue with all my projects, libraries etc in place and apart from running any updates since my last image backup, I’m good to go.

However, I have to remember to copy “\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg* before doing a image restore

While so far this hasn’t been a problem, it would be easier if I could relocate this directory to my E drive.

Is this possible please? (win 8.1 64bit)

Many thanks

symbolic link is your friend ^^