Can i choose path when exporting audiofiles?

When I export audio Dorico creates a folder
‘Flows from filename’ and in that folder extra folders
‘flowname1’, ‘flowname2’ …
Inside those folders i find the audiofiles.
Is there a way i can get all the audiofiles in the same folder?
Preferably a folder of my chioce.

Yes. Use File Explorer!

Thank you for your answer!
I guess that means that there is no way to do that from inside
Dorico. Thats a pity. I would like to be able to decide that for

Yes, it is a bit of a hassle to move the files after every export, but let’s hope that it will be more flexible in the future!

You can choose where Dorico creates the “Flows from Filename” folder (the default is Dorico Projects).

Thank You.
However. I can’t find where Dorico create “Flows from Filename”.
The only place i have found is:
Dorico → Export → Audio → Export to:
Changing folder there still creates a bunch of folders.

Please tell me where I may find this “Flows from Filename”.

Dorico automatically creates a folder called “Flows from [yourfilename]”, under which it creates various subfolders and audio files depending on the preferences you select at the top of this dialog.

This all happens when you hit the OK button.

You can specify where you want it to create that base folder in the ‘Export to’ section I’ve highlighted.

I suggest you experiment with each of the options to see which files are created where.

Great1 Thank You!
I have tried out that (or at least some of the possibilities). In my Windows 10 environment
get a bunch of folders and subfolders with .wav files buried deep down.
I have witten a small python program that collects the files. Since i use Linux for
almost everything but note editing i have to figure out how to conveniently run
pyhton programs under Windows 10 :slight_smile:
To me it’s counterintuitive to use such a complex way to place files and to
make it the only option.

I think it is because Dorico doesn’t presume to know why you are exporting the audio. Some want to export stems to process further in a DAW and need the granularity of player and flow, others may just want to create an mp3 playlist.