Can I connect a UR28M and a UR44 in Cubase 10.5 or 11 with Steinberg ASIO driver and use all inputs?

Can I connect a UR28M and a UR44 in Cubase 10.5 or 11 with Steinberg ASIO driver and use all inputs? I have Cubase 10.5, soon to be 11. I use UR28M but want a few more inputs and wanted to get a UR44 vs replacing UR28M with 824 or similar (I like the multi monitor and mix controls). Wouldn’t the UR28M and UR44 use same Steinberg ASIO driver so the could both be seen at same time? I read that you could only use one at a time (either or based on what you chose when opened up Cubase? I don’t want to try ASIO4ALL unless it’s really solid and wouldn’t lose latency ormmother features (wouldn’t even work). I really just need 6 inputs, so maybe I could just use the ur44 when I needed six and switch to mother ur28m when didn’t need, but not sure how that would work…if it did, could it be done within Cubase while open at least (without restarting)? I read sometuuing about clocking, but sincde both are in same ur family and both Steinberg can it be done to use both at same time, or at least switch between on the go while within Cubase? Any help or direction would be helpful. Thanks

I am also looking to use an additional UR28M in Nuendo 11 to increase the number of outputs, searches have come up with nothing useful so hoping you will get a reply to your question.

Hi guys
There is no good way of having two USB audio interfaces connected to the same PC and used at the same time. My straight suggestion would be to get an UR824 or UR816c.
You could use the UR44 instead of the UR28M when you wanted more inputs, but i don’t think switching while having the project open in cubase would be good (I haven’t actually tried this, but you would at least need do set up inputs/outputs differently, and I don’t know what happens in cubase when usb connection to the sound card is lost…). But switching audio interfaces with the computer on (and cubase off) is no problem, so perhaps it would work while the daw is open too, hoping someone else might chime in on this.

Unfortunately this is also not possible, and to get more outputs than the UR28M you would need two UR824/UR816c with one hooked up to the computer and the other connected via ADAT.