Can I continue StayHome Elements

How can I continue/purchase StayHome Elements Collection, after the trial period expired?

I have installed eLicenser and it tells me that it might be reactivated using " Validate license usage period" but it does not help.
Thank you!

Go to a shop and buy it.

ok, but will I need to reinstall it ?..and all my Vst ?


Ownership & installation are 2 separate things. Anyone can can install Cubase on any machine. But you can only run it if you OWN a license (or have a temp one for trial).

Donˋt know what „all my Vst ?“ is, but if you get a license of the same Cubase version that you trialled, you donˋt need to re install Cubase.

So If I buy Cubase Elements 10.5, it will continue my StayHome Elements that I had for 60days. Thank you for the help!

it depends on what comess with “tayHome Elements”
if you buy cubase elements you can continue to run cubase elements only,
if there are other products in the stayHome Elements pack,you will need to purchase them as well to run them

You are welcome.

I did buy it, and it worked! Cheers!

Have fun…