Can I control player numbering?

I’m trying to get a set of audio files with one note each, 12 files, with the first player labeled 1 (this being a being the C natural, played by a flute), and player 12 being B natural. I am struggling to control the “player” number, as Dorico seems to insist the first player doesn’t have a number, and the SECOND player gets the number 1 (finishing at 11). Note that in this case I’m not too interested in the INSTRUMENT numbering, just the PLAYER numbering. This is because Dorico uses the player name/number as part of the audio export file name, and I need a match between note pitch and file name.

Dorico automatically seems to assign the number 1 to the SECOND player, and then on to player 11. The first player doesn’t get a number. If add a player (duplicate player) at the bottom and move that player to the front, then move all the notes one stave, then delete the now empty first stave (which didn’t have a number originally) it all looks OK, with a player 1 playing a C natural, etc. But if I close the file and re-open, Dorico has re-set the numbers with again the first player not having a number at all, and everything being out by one number.

Am I right that I can not control this behaviour?

The cheat-fix I have is to use a “dummy stave”, and then delete that file in the end, but if there’s a more elegant way to control this numbering, it would be good to know. (353 KB)

I opened the file. It’s because, I assume, you used the “Duplicate Player” function. Instead, use Shift-P to add a new player.

Thanks Dan,
Ehm, I tried but it doesn’t seem to make any difference (apart from the fact that I would have to manually re-label all the instruments to get the file name I want. You should know that my original file is much, much larger than the one I posted).
Note that the auto-(re)-numbering seems to take place on (re)opening the file, not at the moment I create the player. Dorico seems to check for player names, and then number automatically, skipping the first one.

Have you updated to Dorico 3.1.10? There was a bug which caused instruments to be renumbered, which was fixed. (At least, it was fixed for the problem I had when I reported it!)

See the 3.1.10 release notes, page 42.

Under rare circumstances, instruments could be unexpectedly renumbered when reopening a saved project file; this problem has been fixed.

Yes, I have, so that’s not it. Unless that bug has resurfaced (I better be careful using words like that in times like this…). So am I the only one for whom Dorico autonumbers when re-opening a file?

I’ve never heard of it happening, or had it happen to me. Whatever that’s worth (not much).

When I open your project in Dorico 3.1.10, Justus, I find that all twelve players exist and they’re numbered sequentially 1-12. Is that not what you’re seeing?

No, if I download the zip-file back from the forum, and open in Dorico, and then switch to Setup mode (it opens in play-mode), I see this:

So the instrument names in the score (flutes) are fine, the player names (which export-audio file names seem to be based on) are not.

You can easily reset player names (so they follow Dorico’s automatic player numbering system, which is based on the instrument(s) held by the player) by double-clicking each player in the Players panel, then clicking the “reset” button at the right end of the text field. They’ll turn back to “Flute 1” etc.

Yes, but in this case I don’t want them to be called flute. The reason for this is that Dorico uses the player name to establish the file name for audio export, and I need these to be something specific. Anyway, it’s not the end of the world, just a minor inconvenience.

I know this is an old topic but I have been unable to locate a solution that works for me.

I have written a quintet arrangement that includes one player using both A and Bb clarinets. Each flow uses only one of the two instruments. Some players prefer to not switch in the middle of a work so I have prepared a duplicate part that uses only A clarinet in all flows.

Dorico insists on numbering the two A clarinets as Cl. in A 1 on the Clarinet (A) part, and Cl. in A 2 on the Clarinet (Bb & A) part. This makes no sense to the player who sees only one clarinettist. I would like to suppress the numbering. In the Clarinet (A) part, I can eliminate the problem by not printing the instrument name at the beginning of each flow and just using the layout name for identification.

For the Clarinet (Bb & A) part, I want to print the instrument name at the beginning of each flow to indicate which clarinet is to be used but the label appears as Cl. in A 2.

Clarinet Bb A Part

So far, I have renamed the instruments and layouts in setup, but the instrument list under Clarinet (Bb & A) still includes Clarinet (A) 2 and there appears to be no way to remove the number.

Player List

Layout List

I tried suppressing the instrument name at the beginning of the flow and using instrument change commands there instead. It works but only for the movements where there are changes. I would like to label the instrument at the beginning of every flow.

I know that I could put manual staff text where needed but this seems to be a very inelegant solution. I hate to use this sort of manual override if there is a built-in way.

Does anyone have any ideas?


In the left panel of Setup mode, select whichever player doesn’t appear in the score. Then click the Add Group button at the bottom.


I think you’ll find that the numbering changes without any ill effects.

That’s it! I thought there had to be a way.

Thank you, Leo.

Here’s some information about the circumstances in which Dorico automatically numbers instruments; quite often the separate groups method that Leo described is the simplest and cleanest method of preventing that.