Can I copy automation from a track to a group track?

I have 2 tracks that I have routed into a group channel. I want to copy the automation from one of the tracks into the group channel itself.

Is there a way to do this other than selecting all the automation points and pasting them by hand?


What kind of other way would you expect, please?

  • Select the automation nodes you want to copy.
  • Ctrl + C.
  • Press L Key Command or menu: Transport > Set Project Cursor Position > Locate Selection Start, to set where do you want to paste the data.
  • Select the Channel where do you want to paste.
  • Ctrl + V.


Further to Martin’s reply, you don’t have to select each point individually, you can drag a range round the whole lot of them and then copy.

Well, obviously I wasn’t selecting each point one by one. I was selecting all the points and pasting them as a block.

I was asking if there is something like the option to ‘copy EQ settings’ and then ‘paste EQ settings’, something that would copy and paste the automation of one entire track into another track, exactly the same, without having to select anything, which would save time.


If you want to select all automation nodes of the track, you can right-click to the automation track and click to the relevant pop-up menu entry there.