Can I create a piano with one staff (not a grand staff)?

I would like to create an instrument that:

  • has a single staff
  • has no range set (I don’t want the notes turning red because the note is too high / low)
  • ideally something Noteperformer will play a piano sound by default

Dorico lets me add a bunch of different instruments. But, I haven’t found anything that meets those criteria. I also haven’t seen how Dorico defines those instrument settings in the first place.

Is there an instrument in Dorico’s instrument list that will do what I want? If not, can I add my own instrument? Perhaps they’re defined in a configuration file somewhere and I can just add my own.

(I know I can right-click a staff and “remove staff” to hide it from a flow. But unless I’m mistaken, I have to do that for every single flow.)

You can use any single-staff instrument and rename it. Then just turn off range colors, and assign it manually to the piano sound.

I don’t want to do that manually every time I add an instrument :slight_smile: Also, I like range colors – I just don’t want them applied to this specific part.

Anyway, I dug through /Applications/Dorico and was able to figure it out.

For anyone interested, it’s possible to create new instrument definitions by modifying some XML files. If you’re comfortable with that, here’s some information on what to do:

That configuration creates a new treble-staff-only piano called “Part” under the “Keyboards” instrument group.

At some point I’ll create my own instrument group to have parts all set up the way I want… but this is a good start.

Okay! For anyone interested, (warning, long page!) contains a configuration that provides a new “Parts” instrument group at the top of the list, and Treble, Alto, and Bass parts to create single-staff pianos defaulting to those clefs.

This very comprehensive work you did certainly underscores the need for an easier way to create a single staff piano from scratch (without needing this excellent workaround)…

If you know how many flows you are likely to want, remove the staves in the first one and then duplicate it (right click the flow in setup mode).