Can I create this in Dorico? How?


I would like to know how to do this symbol in Dorico Pro 3.5.

These are called “fanned beams” in Dorico. See here in the 3.5 User Guide.

And if you mean the bracket below with the dotted crotchet symbol in the middle instead/in addition to fanned beams, you could create that as a custom line with the dotted crotchet as an annotation in the middle.

Another way is to use Dan Kreider’s “MusGlyphs Text” font (not just “MusGlyphs”, that way you can keep using ordinary text with lines). If you replace the "Horizontal text font in Library>Font Styles with MusGlyphs text, you only have to add @ before typing line text in the Properties Panel to activate the text as musical symbols. Therefore: @h. will draw a dotted half @q. a dotted quarter, etc … You can also use tuplets and more. The font is offered on a voluntary payment basis and works extremely well.

Mark_Johnson, I was talking about the bracket. But, thank you. I learned the English expression “fanned beams”.
Lillie_Harris, This video is very good!
claude_gl_lapalme, I have used “Bravura” font. I will try with " Musglyphs Text".

thank you all so much!