Can I create this in Dorico?

Ho folks,
I have a piece that is swung to a traditional Zimbabwean hosho pattern. While notation can’t convey the swing perfectly, for those that haven’t been exposed to the music I want them to at least be exposed to generally what the swing will be. The piece is in 12/8 and so I want to create a key at the top of the chart that shows this swing pattern: Is this possible? Thanks!

Try downloading the “Metrico” font, and using that to enter this as shift-x text at the beginning of the flow.

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MusGlyphs can do this general sort of indication, but this figure is too complicated for that font. I don’t think Metrico can do it either.


Whoops, I meant Mus glyphs. (Sorry Dan)

At any rate, the other option here is to create a special flow that has just this formula in it.

Create the first rhythm, add a coda, hide the coda symbol, add the second rhythm, and then put a large equals sign in the gap before the start of the coda. You can then use a custom music frame to put this at the :top: of your real piece. You can use the hidden clef option for this too.


That’s a good idea. I was also thinking if I can just get each piece looking nice graphically then I can photoshop it all together into a graphic and drop it in I think. It’s something I’ll probably reuse a lot.

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I’ll create this in MusGlyphs. Give me a few minutes.

A 3 over the triplet?

Thank you! No 3 because it’s in 12/8 and so even though the grouping is in 3 it’s not triplet. I may be theoretically wrong, but that’s how I think of it and how I notate it. :-).


eee = hosho

to get this:

MusGlyphs (modified)

This was easy enough, so let me know if you want me to modify the design at all.


Thanks so much Dan! I’m watching the MusGlyph video now to learn more about it. Very cool!

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Dan, that’s amazing. Looks great, and I just bought MusGlyphs-the best $10 I’ve spent in a while!