Can i Crossgrade Nuendo 10 from my pro toools ?

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i Just wonder and had very interesting about

“Can i Cross grade from my Pro tools 12 to Nuendo 10 now?”

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Yeah I think there is a Cross Grade promotion at the moment.


Yes, I did it a week ago.

Please share a link.


The Steinberg shop is the way. You select crosscrade and they will ask for a proof of Protools. Then they check it and that’s all.

I’m only seeing the crossgrade for Cubase.

Ups, it can be as you say. I’ve crossgraded 2 licenses of Cubase 9 to N10 and bought a C10 license too crossgrading from PT, so I mistake which was the procedure.
Crossgrade to N10 is only available from Cubase or Nuendo Live.

Crossgrade from PT to Cubase 10 and then crossgrade from Cubase to Nuendo.

Aahh! Got you, now!

What is interesting is, that I see some Steinberg users, both Cubase and Nuendo, prefer to mix in Pro Tools. I can’t comment, because I haven’t done enough mixes in Nuendo to have a “real” opinion. :mrgreen: