Can I cumulate 2 Cubase licenses?

Hi all,

I have Cubase Elements and would like to upgrade to Cubase Pro but it’s very expensive in Cubase shop (472€).

I remembered that I had a Cubase Ai licence (not used) provided with my Yamaha amp and the uprade from Ai is a lot less expensive (285€ in the main retailers).

So can I activate my Ai licence while I already have Cubase Elements, just in order to upgrade it to Pro from Ai ?

Are you sure as the cost from ai to Cubase pro is the same as from elements to Cubase pro on steinberg website. I suspect the dealer has something wrong, so check it out with them.

Yes, I’m sure.

To upgrade from Cubase Elements you have no other choice than Steinberg web site and it’s the same price than from Cubase Ai (Steinberg don’t share this licence with dealers).

But dealers can sell Cubase pro upgrade from AI and it’s very less expensive .

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Yes you can. I have 2 pro licenses and an AI license all activated to my account. As I understand it (don’t quote me) the AI software you get with Yamaha/Steinberg pruducts, like MIDI Keyboards, Digital Mixers, Audio Interfaces e.t.c. And yes the price from AI as apposed to Elements to Pro is much cheaper.

Registration and Activation of your AI license is definitely the best way to get Cubase Pro.

Thanks Prim_69, that’s exactly what I wanted to know.


I can confirm, you can do this. Once you activate Cubase AI, you would see 2 licenses in the eLCC. Then you can upgrade any of them.

BTW, upgrade to Cubase Pro requires the USB-eLicenset, you have to buy separately. Before the upgrade to the Pro edition, you need to transfer the relevant licenses to the USB-eLicenser. Be careful and transfer your AI license not Elements.

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Thanks !

Sorry for the late response but you are more than welcome.