Can I delete bars in Score Editor an associated audio track at the same time?

I have created a Midi and associated audio track for an instrument. They are perfectly synchronize with each other.
If I go into the score editor with the midi track and delete let’s say three measures can I also get those three measures deleted with the associated audio track at the same time?

Alan Russell

Audio tracks have no connection with the Score Editor.
(If I understand correctly your question)

I totally understand the disconnection between midi and audio tracks but if you highlight the midi and associated audio track, and you delete three measures in the score editor of the midi track, , shouldn’t that delete that part in the audio track?

What do you mean by this?

When I create my midi instrument live from my Yamaha Gino’s, I also have the audio track receiving the audio from the instrument at the same time LIVE
In other words, the midi and audio track are both armed and ready to record
If I want to make any edited changes with the midi track using the score editor, I would like its “associated” audio track reflect the change that that I edited out in the score editor. My console photo is below. Have a look at the alto sax one Midi track and
one audio track.

In practice:

  1. Your MIDI and audio tracks are record enabled.
  2. You hit the record button, start playing on your MIDI instrument so as to record MIDI and audio from your MIDI instrument on corresponding tracks resulting in one MIDI part and one audio part.
  3. Now you want to edit the MIDI part you’ve just recorded,
    and you would like that the previously recorded audio part to reflect those changes live?

If this is correct, I’m afraid this is just not possible. Be it in the Score Editor or in other editors.

Yes. We are now on the same page.

My inquiries appear to be very unique because of an extensive study. I am doing with the Yamaha Genos in integrating it with you base 12 professional and vst libraries.

Just the caveat when you work with VST you have the score editor available at all times to make all the note edits you need to do on the staff line then the beauty of this is that you could render the instrument track to a midi track in seconds

So pleased Marstro that we came to an understanding-wishing you the best!

Alan Russell

In conclusion, every time you make any changes to the recorded MIDI in the Score Editor, you will have to record the audio again to reflect those changes.