can I delete download assistant?

I have downloaded the programs and I see that downlaod assistant is still in my downloads folder taking up an enormous amount of space. When I search through settings it is taking up 281 gb. When I look in the windows folder it is talking up 100 mg. Can this be deleted?


Yes, you can delete the Steinberg Download Assistant application. But once you would install any update or so, it will be downloaded again.

And then you can delete it again. I too am a bit fed up with the number of softwar vendors that insist upon having this kind of download and installation manager. I don’t mind too much on a desktop with large and numerous hard drives, but it is a pain for laptop users. Especially given that the next update is always accompanied by a downloader update. You might as well delete and wait until you need to install.

Thanks for responding. It is a huge file.

google play used to be like this in the early days. would fill up the early smart phones every time yo tried to download an app.

It’s not assistant you need to delete but the files it’s downloaded once you have used them

As mkok says. You can delete all of the downloaded files using the buttons below Actions on the right hand side, then leave the program in place to check for further updates in the future. If it’s a full blown C11, it could be around the 25gbytes mark that you can ditch.