Can I do a perfect import of my vst plugin settings ?


Whenever I upgrade from cubase I always have to work half a day to properly setup my plugins. Especially in the ear when Jbridge was essential and cubase had issues reading some 64bit plugins, I needed to reorganize such that the ones didn’t conflict with the others. That meant that I sometimes used a directory per plugin to see which one would cause problems as I added every single one.

So now on my DAW I have this herritage of directories.

Is t here a way to import the vst (plugin) connections (not inputs/outputs), in one go ?

Seems to have gone very well, much better than from 6 to 7

I wondered this too, and will try when I get home this evening. My directory paths are a bit convoluted.

On a side note, are you saying that JBridge is not essential anymore?? I’ve been on 6.5 until today, and sometimes even worked in 32-bit just to ensure my plugins were stable. That would be great news :slight_smile:

If so, do I need to “disengage” JBridge in any way?

THANKS!! :mrgreen: