Can I do this in Cubase? (ie track lists, pictures, etc)

Sorry if this isn’t the right forum :frowning:

I am trying to make a cd (enhanced I guess is the syntax) that contains 10 songs, 1 mp4, and would like to have the names of each track appear on whatever medium as well as picture of the album cover (like on an Iphone, etc)

is there something I need to do/code etc before I export to be able to do this while in Cubase? I know you have to put audio first, then data, but I can’t seem to do this without the burning program finalizing and closing out the disc before I add data. Im using Nero 14 (but familiar with other programs as well) but sometimes when just burning a cd, it changes up the track listings on different songs… I found that it doesn’t like symbols ( ! # " ) etc, but it’s never consistent.

or if not a cubase issue from a plain export, any suggestions on programs that can do this? Thank you again for your time!