Can I do this?

I have a bunch of the NI/East West libraries installed on my old XP system, and cannot install these to my new W7 rig unless I stump up a bunch of cash to NI for “upgrades” that involve the PLAY engine - and ecause I have read so many horror stories about this I am simply not prepared to go through all the pain.
SO - Can I turn all these libraries into HALion 4 libraries - without having to install the instruments on the new system?

I was hoping I would be able to locate samples across the network & save the newly created HALion instruments to the dedicated samples drive - is this possible please, and what would the workflow be?

Are you MacGyver?

You can surely do it with a rubberband, a popsicle stick and a paperclip…

If you can’t do it, no one can…


If they’re the old Kompakt/Intakt ones then they’ll work in the free Kontakt Player, no need for Play.

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