can i download older versions of cubase?

i have a cubase 9 pro version and i know the license will work with older versions, but i wonder how or where i can download those?


It’s possible by contacting Steinberg. Hurmpie’s link only has updates as far as I know.

yeah, the link only has the update files and not the full installer files. sad… so the only way seems to contact steinberg? this will take a while then i guess - also we have christmas so i doubt there is someone answering support tickets now.

Oh yeah, they dont have latest versions as full download.
Till 7.5 has full installation available, only not 8 and 8.5.

Tip: If you Google for right keywords then you might find some Steinberg FTP links to the ISO they host.

thx for the help anyway. actually i wanted 8.5 :wink:

the ftp doesnt have those. i tried :slight_smile:

There used to be images of Cubase 8 which you could then update to 8.5, but no such luck anymore it seems like.

Than there’s no alternative than requesting at Steinberg, they will send you a direct download link.
I had to request for the full Halion 5 installer once, they did provide.

Cubase 7 is not that old.

The link does have 7 up to 8.5 full installs

…that’s new I think. I’m fairly sure it only had the updates for 8 and 8.5 until recently. There have been a lot of requests for the older versions lately so maybe this is the Stein berg response…good find!