Can I edit recorded note expression curves?

I’ve got Cubase Artist 8 (not 8.5) and am wondering if I can edit note expression curves that I’ve recorded. I see the curves when I double click notes, but when I try and draw curves in the note expression edit window, it only draws a single value.

Is this feature in Cubase Artist?

thanks for an answer! I can’t seem to find it anywhere else…

Ah… I think you have activated “One Shot” mode (the little “diamond” icon in the top-left corner of the Note Expression window).

thank was it! thanks a million!

Now, how come I am not able to see a superimposed overlay of my cuves unless I double click an event. It shows in the manual that I should be able to see my note expression curves displayed in the key editor…

thanks again!

Can you give me the page number where you saw that, please (double-click always needed here too :wink: )? (although, once you have a Note Expression window open, you can navigate through all the notes, via the Left/Right cursor arrows)

sure. page 792 of the operation manual. Plus it you look around the later half of this video, you can see the expression curves are nicely overlaying the note data:

Ah, I think I misunderstood your question…
“overlayed” Note Expression curves are visible if you activate the “Show Note Expression Data” icon in the menu bar (looks like two triangles in opposite directions)… but then you lose the displayed note names :wink:.

if this is the thin button adjacent to the “MIDI input” button in the menu bar of the key editor, it doesn’t work for me. Are you using Artist or Cubase Pro?

I am on Cubase Pro, but, if Artist has Note Expression (which apparently it does :wink: ) then this button won’t be missing from it.
If you don’t see it, then maybe it is hidden?.. Right-click in the menu Bar to customize what is visible.
The button in question looks like this…
Show Note Expression Data.jpg

Thanks again vic_france! I appreciate the tips. All working as expected now. Nice of you to take the time…