Can I export settings?

Self explanatory thread. Can I export my Dorico settings and import it on Dorico in another computer?
I’m hoping to not have to modify the settings on the second machine by hand (as it’s been so long I changed anything, I actually don’t remember what I changed and where).

Absolutely. Use the Library Manager. You can see almost any setting you have and compare it to the Factory Default, your User Library, or a particular project. You don’t actually “export” anything; you import it into the project that is open.

It should be relatively straightforward to figure out eg if you want to just copy every setting, in the top-left just click the red icons next to Options and Collections.

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Your default options, app preferences, playback templates, etc are all stored in:

Mac: /Users/[yourUserName]/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4

Win: C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 4

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What Ben said.

Note that your AutoSave path is stored within preferences.xml in that folder. If your user account has a different name on the new computer/OS installation, you’ll need to either edit that file in a text editor or just delete the file - it’ll be recreated the next time you launch Dorico.

(You can indeed import settings from one Dorico project directly into another; but if you like the process of exporting a “settings” file, then importing that file into another project, you can do that too.)

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I love the library manager and use it all the time. However, there are times when I know a project has all the settings I want. Rather than having to go through the steps in the library manager, it would be nice to be able to import all settings from a project directly into another.

You can do it with two buttons: this one:

and the similar one for “Collections”.

So, in the library manager I can’t see the changes I made to my hotkeys (which are quite a few) and to the play head. How do I export that? Is it also in Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 4?

I know the two buttons, use it all the time. How about an option in the menu library (that I can make a shortcut for) that lets me import a library into the current project without having to do anything in the library manager and avoid pressing three buttons (1 to open the library manager, 2nd to change the options and 3rd to change the collections)?

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If one’s finger bruise that easily, I would recommend creating a template with the desired settings and using that from the start.

My experience when using a template and importing xml files into it is that it takes more time and tweaking than not. I’ll try it again and post if it works as well or better.

But as to my feature request.

Steps required now to import a library (7 steps)
Either drag a file in (requires opening browser prior to doing this) or use the dialog box, select a file. (2 steps in either case)
Click on the options button
Click on the collections button
Click on apply
Click on close.

My feature request: (2 steps)
Shortcut key
Select file from dialog

I copied my preferences.xml and key commands_en.json from my Windows machine to my Mac machine and it changed nothing. My defaults on my Mac are still the same.

That’s strange. Assuming you’ve launched Dorico before on the Mac, did you get a warning about overwriting exist files when you copied them? I presume you relaunched Dorico afterwards?