Can I force Cubase to make all new tracks in "Musical" timebase rather than "Linear"?

For certain projects, I’d never want my tracks to not scale with changing tempo or meter, but in linear timebase they don’t. It’s a bit tedious to change every track I make to Musical timebase and I’m just wondering if there’s a way to make all tracks come in that way by default.

Be careful about conflating Musical Timebase with Musical Mode.

You can use the Project Logical Editor to set the timebase of tracks.

Yeah, I meant the timebase.

Using the Logical Editor would be something I’d have to do in each new project though. Is there not a way to just tell Cubase to default new tracks to musical timebase?

I believe that already is the default


Preferences > Editing > Default Track Time Type. By default in Cubase it’s Musical, in Nuendo it’s Time Linear.

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