Can I Free Update from 7.5 to pro 8?

I bought Cubase 7.5 at 2014 summer,
can I still update to pro 8? Thx!

No, if you activated your license during the summer of 2014 you were never entitled to a free Cubase Pro 8 grace period upgrade.

Right now you can only upgrade to Cubase Pro 8.5. You can’t upgrade to 8.

You’ll get Cubase Pro 9 for free if you upgrade to Pro 8.5 sometime after October 15.

I’m installing the 30 day trial of 8.5 from 7.5.

$150 is what it will cost to upgrade from Sweetwater or Steinberg.

Think that will go any lower closer to release of 9?

Haven’t thought about waiting so I could get free upgrade. Have to think about that.

Haven’t tried it yet, looks good though.


I doubt there will be any other sales on updates this year.

Whether you should wait or not depends on how much you like 8.5. If you feel the urge to upgrade now I’d say go for it. But if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, keep in mind that Steinberg has been dropping hints that Cubase Pro 9 might be a huge update, so there’s a good chance you’ll want to buy it (8.5 -> 9 will be $99). Your trial will end sometime in mid-September, so you just have to wait just 1 month to use 8.5 again if you choose to wait.

Thanks guys for suggestions.

My case is I bought a new iMac come with OSX10.11.

C7.5 will not run on it, but my studio project is going to be urgent and the editing interns are coming so soon,
I will need to get the iMac to work.

Turn out my temporary solution is buy a copy of OSX 10.8.5 then install C7.5.

How about trying a trial version of CB Pro 8.5?

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although not being officially supported, Cubase 7.5 will work on 10.11.

Please, see here how to install it:

The eLicenser Control Center needs to be up to date: