Can I get a copy of the Cubase SX3 full installer please?

Hey guys, hope you’re well.

I am revisiting various older projects and seem to have misplaced my old Cubase SX3 CD. These projects don’t open correctly in later versions that I have but I couldn’t find an ISO or similar of Cubase SX3 on the Steinberg download pages. I’ve also done a round of the Steinberg FTP but didn’t find it there either sadly.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Read the announcements on top of the forum.

Thanks for the reply, but I’m not sure which announcement you mean. Are you simply referring to the support contacts information?


Contact support who will give you a direct link to the ISOs

Steinberg doesn’t leave the full installers up on older versions.

If you actually read them, you know which one I mean…

Thanks, they actually do have fully installers for many of the older versions, e.g. SX2 ISO is on the FTP, Cubase 4 and 6 are on their website. But yeah, it does seem that SX3 is missing.

I’ve contacted the Australian distributor for help. Often I’ve seen mods respond directly here and private message for such requests which is always a bit easier than going via YAMAHA Australia, but let’s see how it goes.

No need to be rude! If you don’t want to help, don’t respond. Added as a foe.

Found it!! :slight_smile:

Yeah that would be cool. Often they are available in the respective Steinberg page.

e.g. here’s Cubase 6

You’ll see a link there for Cubase 6.0.2 DVD (ISO Image) · 7.7 GB

The ISOs really contain applications that won’t run without an eLicenser, and since Steinberg already make a huge amount of their versions available as ISOs, I don’t see much harm in at least placing all the remaining images on their FTP or websites.

I hope to convert many of my SX3 projects to 8.5 (last 32-bit version) over the coming weeks :slight_smile:

All the best :slight_smile:

Whatever… :unamused:

You´re welcome…