Can I get authentic guitar sounds from HS?

I was ready to buy a yamaha motif XS synth for its ability to recreate authentic guitar sounds when someone suggested i have a look at Halion Sonic.
The guitar sounds on this link were created from a Motif XS synth.

What I’d like to know is, can I re-create that sound with Halion Sonic?
(notice the fingure slides sounds on the fretboard and depth of the sound)

If I can’t, I just might have to go out and buy an XS keyboard. :slight_smile:

Depends on your programming capabilities,I’ve made some very nice multi’s with HS that I’m happy with.

Thanks for the reply electronix.
“Depends on your programming capabilities…” yeah, or musical programming interests I suppose.

But i prefer not to try and work both the left and right sides of my brain at the same time.
Heck just working one side is difficult enough sometimes.

And I suppose it was a bit foolish of me to think that Yamaha, who now owns Steinberg, would let Steiny develop a piece of SW that is 5 times as less expensive (XS rack) as the original. That’s not a very intelligent business model.

But your point, “… that I’m happy with” is more important.
So after some forum googling to verify that there were no sonic differences between the keyboard and the rack models, I decided to get the original and the XS rack is due to be delivered in a couple of days.

I’m full of excitement and trepidation.
Excitement because when I finally get a chance to turn that thing on and touch my keys I’m going to hear those beautiful authentic guitar sounds and trepidation because of…
remembering reading somewhere’s were a musician was in a studio at the same time that Carlos Santana was there and he couldn’t help but think how beautiful the sound was that was coming from Carlos’ guitar.
He mentioned it to Carlos and Carlos offered him his guitar to have a few licks on.
When he got it into his hands he didn’t exactly hear those same beautiful sounds being created on it.
I do hope that after the fact, excitement rules. :smiley:

Congrats on your XS, I’ve owned a few of them in the past. One of my favorite guitar libraries is from a company called Orange Tree Samples they make the best sounding vst playable acoustic guitar I’ve heard so far…

Much better then anything I’ve heard in a workstation or rompler… still waiting on motu’s mach five 3 as well tho,as they have a new script to offer better playability coming in a week or two…


Thanks electronix,
Sounded interesting.
And Christmas is not so far away. :smiley:

RealGuitar 2 from Musiclab is, IMO, in a league of it’s own for authentic guitar sounds/strumming too. I believe the No.1 acoustic VSTi.