Can I get help connecting a Flow 8 to PC Cubase 10


I have now a flow 8 mixer and wanting to use it for in and out of my PC with CB10

It did work when a friend connected it but haven’t used it for a while.

Now I boot up and for the life of me can’t get it happening.

It see the Flow8 driver in CB and chose it for ins and outs but still no sound.

I know it’s really basic stuff, but my brain has turned to mush and really need a push.


Have you gone to the connections page and added the ins and outs? Is it the asio driver for the interface you have selected and not a generic one?

Many thanks. Yes I have checked those.

Sorry to burden anyone with my problem, but I have exhausted my manual , youtube and Google research.

I really need to get this working and would appreciate an angel or two to give me suggestions (clean ones !)

Below is the Audio setup.


I am wanting to hear my pre recorded projects.
The project tracks are all popping correctly and I have changed the track IN/OUT settings as I try new settings.

Audio Connections
IN Mono 1 Flow8 - IN 1
OUT Stereo Flow8 - Out 1 Out 2

PC Win 10 Pro latest Updates
Speaker Options from Vol on lower screen tab.

USB OUT 1/2 Flow8 (Recording)
USB OUT 3/4 Flow8 (Recording
Realtek High

Settings / Sounds

1/2 Flow 8
3/4 Flow8
Realtek High

Sound Management To test Win default sounds.

1/2 Flow8 No
3/4 Flow8 No
Realtek Yes

Device Manager
All drivers up to date

It is on but not sure what settings I should have.
Monitors (Gtr jack) connected to Speakers -
No Main connected.
Mics connected to 1 & 2

On the Android phone app I see the meters of Mon1 and Mon2 working fine but can’t hear anything.