Can I get MIDI note-off signal to trigger stuff?

I’m looking to have an effect only apply to the release trail of a synth sound in a live playing situation. So I’d like the note-off signal from my keyboard to turn on the insert effect, and the note-on signal turn the effect back off. If that doesn’t work, I’d alternatively need the note-off signal to trigger a different patch or track.
Is this possible with Cubase? Or is there any other way to achieve what I’m trying to do?

Don’t have an answer to your specific question. But as you look for an answer keep in mind that while there is a midi note-off command, the note-on command with a velocity 0 is also frequently used to indicate a note-off.

Thanks Raino, maybe I can figure something out with the Input Transformer after all. I had discarded that path because it doesn’t offer an explicit note-off selection.

If you are a programmer you can probably do what you want using ChucK and some virtual midi cables.

I’ll try to remember to take a peek at the Input Transformer regarding this when I get to my DAW.

I played around with the Input Transformer a bit and don’t think it will do what you want. The issue, unlike in the Logical Editor, is that there is no Insert function. You can have it filter for note-ons with velocity 0 (which I suspect??? would also find note offs) and select them. But without the Insert function there is no way to duplicate and change the data once it is selected.

While you could just modify the selected data without duplicating it, that would get rid of the note-off and you’d probably end up with a bunch of notes hung on.

I just had an idea. What if you send the midi on/off data to 2 Tracks. On one it just plays the VSTi normally. But on the 2nd Track use the Input Transformer to delete any note-on with velocity > 0. After that you’ll only have a stream of note-off commands which you can modify using a second module in the Input Transformer. If this 2nd Track was a MIDI & not Instrument Track you could even use MIDI Send to route back to the main VSTi if you wanted (but it wouldn’t have offs at this point).

Nice ideas m8, and thanks for putting thought into this. The question remains how to get this signal to steer non-MIDI components. It’s doable in Logic Pro (they have “Fader Events” and the “Environment” to achieve this), but I’m not finding a similar functionality in Cubase so far…

Check out the Generic Remote.

Beware, it is pretty arcane.