Can I get some quick answers

This happens on occasion and I can’t figure out why. I have a bunch of audio files (18, import them into the pool and then drag from pool into project window.

Except, they will not land and latch where I have them set to go. I have the project on bars/beats, quantize to bar, snap on. I drag a file in and it lands BEFORE the point where I mouse click drop the audio track. And I can’t get them to drag and snap to the measure start that I want. Can’t get this…

Any ideas?



Are the snap points within the samples at the beginning of them?

How do I ck that?

From the Pool, open one of the files you’re having trouble with and see where the [S] handle is (look along the midpoint of the waveform). This is the point that snaps to the grid. If it’s not at the origin, your events will begin to the left of where you expect. It’s happened to me and your experience sounded similar but it could be something else, of course.

[Edit: if it’s several files, check them all as it may only take one to throw the lot out.]

Hey, that was it!! Thanks for the quick reply and the help.

What caused this? All I did was record audio, and then transfer it to another computer for mixing and this happened.

Thanks for the help.


When recording with pre-roll or retrospective buffer enabled (I have one or both enabled, can’t remember), the snap point helpfully goes to wherever you hit record from. That’s what happens in Cubase, anyway (he said, wishing he could remember more clearly) and the only reason I can think of.

Glad to be of help,