Can I get support about the glossary of digital music producing?

Dear everyone

I am pretty new to Cubase Pro
Actually I am new to DAW
I used Cakewalk 9.0 20 years ago

I don’t have background in Music Producing

So may I ask

Can I get nice documents or web pages
providing explanation of music producing technique and knowledge in Steinberg website?

I want to buy such books in amazon,
however there is no such good book recently published

I guess in college, there will be curiculum
however I cannot find the information which books they are using to teach students

For examples, there are lots of terminologies such as
groove, mix, effect, vst, sample, plug-in, crossfade, warp, reverb, panning, arrange and many many others
I got confused with the terminologies

So this question may be inappropriate here
but please help me with this question as to where I can get good textbooks or websites about these

Thank you so much and see you again

The problem with books about DAWs is that it’s not very economical to publish them. In part because the market for a book on Cubase or Reaper is much smaller than say Photoshop. Also in the time it takes to write & publish a book it will be a bit obsolete since the programs frequently release new versions.

This gap has mostly been filled by videos. Steinberg’s own YouTube channel can be accessed from the Hub in Cubase or here’s a link. But most of the videos here assume a kind of baseline understanding of how DAWs work.

You can also google to find other folks making video’s about Cubase and using DAWs in general.

I’m a big fan of Groove 3 and they have a lot of videos not only about Cubase but general concepts & techniques. The best value way to use them is to get an All Access Pass for a month or two and binge watch.

Some of these like “VST” or “crossfade” have specific meanings while others like “groove” and “effect” are a little looser in meaning. In Cubase a lot of the terminology was adopted from magnetic tape era jargon. Google is really going to be your friend with understanding the lingo. And of course if there is a specific term that is confusing you can ask about it here.

DAW Terminology


Dear raino

Thank you so much for your detailed advise and kindness is a nice site. It will help me. Thank you

As you suggest, google search is also nice

So thank you again and have a great week, raino
See you again

Best regards,

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안녕하세요! Morphism,

Raino has suggested some great choices for you when it comes to learning Cubase and the terminology used in the computer music world.

I’ll give you a few choices that might also come in handy for you.

That book is quite new so might suit your needs very well:

Another choice that may prove interesting regarding recording, mixing and the vocabulary used in these areas is reading two books by Mike Senior, see here:

I hope this will be useful to you.



Oh that’s great that someone wrote a book on Cubase 12. It seems pretty rare nowadays.

Dear Rene
Hello, nice to meet you, Rene

Thank you for your valuable advise and help
I will refer to the site you recommended
Also the book you suggest, which looks a good book

So have a nice day and see you again, Rene

I picked up this one a while back (for Cubase 10 - 10.5). I think it’s reasonably good and is still pretty up to date:

You’re going to get the most value looking on the interent for tutorials though. Or you could pay and sign up to online online learning platforms like Skillshare or Linkedin Learning etc:


Dear Canaan:

Nice to meet you !
Thank you so much for your recommendation
The book is good
and site looks so great to me !
I will study the site
It has so many lectures

So thank you again and see you again, Canaan
Have a nice day

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Hey no problems. I’m very glad this information was useful to you.

Kind regards,