Can I have IDENTICAL grid definitions for more than one file

I’m trying to do some fancy tempo editing by defining the tempo grid of my tracks (clips/files, whatever), and using the tempo track. This seems to work great on one track, but I’ve got three mono tracks recorded simultaneously of stereo acoustic guitar and voice and I can’t have phasing wish-wash.

So in C6 (can’t find a way in C5) is there any way to have the SAME grid definition (sample editor>definition>manual adjust) in multiple, parallel tracks???


This is a LONG SHOT guess… BUT,
I am guessing that Cubase stores the grid definition with the project information file, NOT with the audio file itself. So, the question is how does Cubase really know when it loads the project what the audio file SOUNDS like? I would say it doesn’t. It can’t tell one audio file from another, sound wise. What if you take one audio file, define the grid for it. Duplicate the track, then bounce the duplicated track. The original clip still has the tempo grid data associated with it. Then close Cubase and secretly (don’t tell anyone) replace the audio clip with one of the other audio clips (of course it must have the same name and probably the same length). When you open Cubase, there is a chance Cubase won’t know the difference and apply the tempo grid data to the new clip. Then, duplicate that track, bounce the new one, wash, rinse, repeat.
It is probably more likely to work with a more raw type of audio format, something that Cubase has less chance of identifying that the actual file has been changed. Maybe .WAV? Compressed audio files of the same length in time may not be the same size in bytes which may throw Cubase off.
EDIT. If your source audio files are different lengths, types, bit rates, etc., in order to get them all the exact same length, bit rate, etc., you could import all three to tracks and batch export them to get them all exactly equal other than the name and actual audio they contain.

J.L. you are a tricky one! That actually sound so crazy it just might work. I’ll give it a shot tonight if I can.


I am at work so I can’t be sure but I think when you put your mouse over the warp tabs, it will give you the EXACT position. Or, maybe if you select it the INFO line will show the position? The painful way would be to write down EVERY single beat position and then just manually put them in the other files.