Can I Have Seperate Outputs for Kick, Snare, Ride etc


I know that I can have each agent record its MIDI on separate MIDI channels in GA4. What I’d like to know if it’s possible to have each drum in the pattern go to separate Cubase tracks (without going down the ‘Dissolve Part’ command).
That would be a time-saver for me.
Thanks for reading.

In the Beat Agent, yes this is definitely possible; every pad can have its own output.

Haven’t messed with the other agents, so don’t know- but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t possible with them too, although that wouldn’t necessarily be a direct drum->output setup, since there are different mic positions, etc.

To make sure the outputs are enabled - in the instrument rack (PF11) right click the Groove Agent slot and activate as many outputs as your need - you can then reroute individual parts at will within Groove Agent.

How do you “reroute individual parts” ? According to the manual you just right click and select a channel. When I right click there is no option to select a channel, just a color.


in the Beat Agent you only have to right click and select an output. In the Acoustic Agents you can route the different channels and groups in the mixer section to individual outputs.

Thanks. Think I have got it now

How can i do that?

I want to reroute the Mixer of Groove Agent to my main Mixer

Kick Main to drumtrack 1
Kick Add to drumtrack 2
SN Top to drumtrack 3

till every mic from groove agent has it’s own channel in the main mixer

I ended up buying ezdrummer instead. 100 times easier to use