Can I have two dongle's?

Hi …as a precaution can I buy another dongle and put my licence on it so that when/if my current dongle packs up I can just bung the other one in?

is this poss please?

cheers, Kevin


Short answer is, no. But, you can have as many dongles as you like but only one can have your licences on it :wink: .

Oh…thanks… :slight_smile:

Not quite but you can bung the other one in and download a licence online to keep you working.

But this is only possible after the other dongle has packed up?

Or You do as I did, and buy another dongle and licence.

you mean you paid all that extra money to Steinberg just have an emergency licence? :astonished:

not for me…I’ve given them too much money already :unamused:

But this is only possible after the other dongle has packed up?

Which is exactly when you’d need it??

With a spare dongle, the Zero Downtime Policy claims to be able to have you up and running in minutes…

so it’s on my list…a spare dongle :slight_smile:

To be honest, I did buy the other license primarily to be able to run Cubase on 2 computers at the same time. That quickly spiraled out of control, so now I pretty much have 2 of everything :slight_smile: including hardware.

good question… If I buy a second usb, how long to transfer when the old breaks? I have my stuff all registered so do they just use that? or will I somehow have to get the old dongle working to transfer?

Should only take a few minutes. You go on MySteinberg, report the old dongle lost/stolen and it “disables” it. Then you download your licenses to a new dongle.

I wonder whether Steinberg should consider allowing users to have licenses on two dongles but only being able to activate one at any given time. That way in an emergency you could switch activation. So should your dongle fail or be stolen at a critical time, you would be protected and the stolen dongle would be useless.
Just a thought.

This is basically what ZDT does…
You need to have a spare dongle, an internet connection, and a few minutes of free time.

thank you homes.

If it’s any consolation, Steinberg has a crossgrade offer on until November 30, 2015. If you own Pro Tools, you can buy a fully-fledged Cubase Pro 8 license for the deep-discounted price of $299 U.S.

I am tempted to do it myself (as I own several copies of Pro Tools / Pro Tools HD) just for peace of mind.

Lot of vendors using ilok opens for 2 or 3 activations per license. But steinberg does not…