Can I import video files into Cubase 3 in Ipad?

I recently found out Cubase 3 for Ipad, but I can’t find any information about whether Cubase 3 supports video importing or not, because I mainly use it for making music for animation, so does anyone know if videos can be imported to Cubase 3?

no video support I’m afraid.

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Cubasis does not support video as of yet.

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Hey im checking cubasis 3 now. So sad when this app dont have video import like auria pro or meteor multitrack recorder. So how about feature. Cubasis will have video import soon ?

Hi @Thinh_Nguyen,

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As of yet, Cubasis does not support video.

Unfortunately we have no further information when to expect video support in Cubasis.

However you might be able to use a 3rd party video app with Cubasis, which includes Audio Unit compatibility. Here, I would suggest to browse the Audiobus forum for more information.

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