Can I in any way downgrade back to 10.5

I don’t seem to get any help from this forum, whatever the question i ask. This dear valuable customer since Cubase 3.0 for Atari don’t have any high hopes this time either. But since Cubase 11 seem to need 128 samples asio Latency (steinbergyamaha asio 2.0.4). in an empty project. The latency makes drumming impossible And I would like to switch back to 10.5 since i could have a 32 or 48 sample latency on an othervise empty project. Can I downgrade? Or please fix it!

Hardware I9-9900
Rtx 2070
Steinberg ur242
Groove Agent 5.0.40

You don’t have to downgrade… download Cubase 10.5 and use it.
The license is valid for older versions as well.

Did you turned ASIO guard off?

Ah, ok, thanks, i didn’t know you could use them both and thanks for answering! I’ve tried everything! Guard on/off and every setting possible. Even a fresh install of windows. I’ve tried fast/standard/stable in asio, and all the settings possible in studio setup. But I can’t get back the latency I had on 10.5. On any lower than 128 samples and standard in asio, makes the sounds disappear or break, or have this glitch sound. And not even that is 100% Having some small issues anyway. I used to mix 32channels with massive amounts of fx on everything on 128 samples in 10.5…

But, can you use the direct monitoring option that your ur242 card offers? This way you have almost zero latency, no matters the number of samples but you can’t use FX that are in Cubase. But via DSP are reverb and some channel strip processing available.

Well, yes if I record guitar or some other acoustic instrument, but I’m using Groove Agent 5. And I want the latency to be as low as possible since i find it very difficult to drum with long latencies. And the issue is, It work all fine in v10.5. And I invested in 11 and expected it to be an upgrade, but it’s won’t work properly. Or as good as 10.5,

I understand. I thought you were recording with a couple of mics. As said, you just need to open Cubase 10.5 and it should still work. Maybe you can use it just to record drums and then send the data to Cubase 11. Of course it would be nice if you can do all in 11, but it is a workaround.

I’m using C10.5 and I didn’t upgrade because I noticed the same “downgrade” in real time performance when move from 10.0 .
I’m running today a 96khz 7 stereo channels with some plugin inserted on each, 4 reverbs/delay as Aux, as well a mix bus vst chain at the main out bus, and some control plugins at Control Room.
Running all of them with lowest buffer size which is 64 for 96khz.
64bits floating point and 64 Floating processing.
NO asio guard.
Hyper Thread ON

RME UFX + via thunderbolt
i9 - 9900k overclocked to 4.5ghz on all cores.
designare Z390,
nvme 1T
amd RX 570
windows 10 20H2 up to date.

To the OP, can you let us know if after installing 10.5 you cam indeed run at lower latency again?
If yes I might go back too

Sorry i haven’t got back at you, been a busy week, I’m installing 10.5 at the moment so let’s see what happens. I hope to get back to at least a setting of 32 samples in standard asio mode, no asio guard. Which I ran without problems even on quite demanding projects whitout the average meter hit the reds. 8 audio, 6 vst instruments,6 different aux reverbs and delay, eq. Compressors, tube saturation and limiter on most channels at 48khz/24bit worked fine, even with qute demanding third party plug-ins like bias-amp and electric 88, before I “upgraded” to 11, So, let’s see, or let’s hear. Since I had to change to 256 samples for such projects in 11. And had to use asio guard. Which is a little strange since I can’t note any peaks in processor usage in task manager, but the cpu meter in cubase 11 is going nuts, which hardly hitted the floor on 10.5. I really hope this solves it.

Or, I hope Steiberg solve this with 11, you can’t release new verions that are more than 4 times as demanding on asio and the processor, with less than 2 years in between, thank you!

Agreed. But I never delete older versions, within reason. On this machine from 6 and up. I also have spare win 7 xp64 and xp partition for when having to open a really old, relatively, project. Recently I had Corrupt project that did not open in 10 anymore. It opened in 6 or 7, I could save it and it then opened in 10 again.
Oh did maybe the steinberg power scheme not get activated on 11?

Yes, it’s activated on 11 too, now I’ve installed 10.5 and set it up, and I’m back on 32 samples. :open_mouth: Well, i don’t know how to feel about this… Well it works and i have to get back to work,

Well, I tried to open a real big project which I also recorded in 10.5 in 10.5. 18 Audio channels, 4 guitar with Bias Amp simulator, 2 Bass channels, bias amp on one of them. 3 vocal channels, with eq, comp, tube sat, limiter, 4 VST Instruments, Groove agent 5, Halion 3 model c and hot brass, and waves Electric 88. 5 audio percussion channels with eq, comp,sat, limiter. 3 audio trumpets, eq, comp, sat. And saturated with Waves mdmx screamer hd in group with hot brass. 2 Waves Abbey road plates (mono), an 1 abbey road chambers reverb, 2 Reverence reverbs and a Waves Manny M Delay with all FX on, Gutars grouped eqd and high passed. All drum tracks On “track” (eq,comp, ,sat,limiter. Groove Agent Studio Drums and it’s running without hitting red on 32!! Samples! This project I had to use 256 samples on v11, and it didn’t run smooth! It was then I thought it was something wrong with my computer and reinstalled Windows… :open_mouth: Yes, I used 128 when I did mixing on it in 10.5 But It’s actually running better on 32 samples, than 11 is running on 256samples.

Eherm… A strange thing just happened… Now v11 also started to work properly, after I installed and set up 10.5. Is it something I’m missing in the setup of 11? Is the installation of 10.5 and my setup forced v11 into the right settings… I don’t know… But the problem is kind of “solved” :open_mouth: …phew… Back to work…

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My main asio and Cubase settings are now: Yamaha Steinberg Usb Asio at 32samples (standard) at startup and recording. 128samples at mix and mastering. Cubase Studio Setup Processing precission 64bit float, Activate multi processing, on. No Asio Guard, Audio priority, boost. And activate Steinberg audio power scheme, on. And I record everythig on 48khz And 24 bit,

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