Can I input notes into soprano staff using microphone?

Hello, everyone

I created a project, solo voice and piano

Then, can I input notes into voice(soprano) staff using microphone (my own voice) directly?

As far as I search such topics here in this forum, it looks negative

So, then, should I use Cubase instead?

Thank you

No, you can’t sing into a microphone and have Dorico write the notes.

Just think: are you able to sing with a perfectly clean ‘attack’, and no vibrato? If not, then Dorico is likely to add several small notes at the start of each ‘note’, and maybe ‘write in’ your vibrato!

There is software that can turn audio into notation; but how good it is, and how much cleaning up you would have to do; I don’t know. Cubase does claim to convert audio into MIDI.

You’re best off using a MIDI keyboard, or Dorico’s on-screen piano keyboard or the A-G keys for notes.

Finale used to have a thing called Mic Notator, designed for Wind instruments; but it was extremely unreliable, and they pulled it from the app.

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Thank you for your excellent summary
I understand now
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In fact, you CAN sing in midi:

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I’d be interested to see how well it does. Not $250 interested, but interested nonetheless. :grin:

But of course “MIDI isn’t notation”: a note that’s 3 beats long could be represented several different ways in notation (with tied notes); and pitches are just a number, not sharps nor flats.

Dorico does a pretty good job of rendering MIDI, but I dare say overall, it’s probably as least as much work as just pressing the buttons to enter the notes.

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I’d say this would really fill a void for someone who was a trained vocalist but didn’t have good keyboard skills; it could speed up note entry vs. clicking in with a mouse.

The (computer) keyboard works amazingly well here, if I wasn’t a pianist or handy on the (piano) keyboard I’d do that straightaway. May be overall faster as then you don’t have to shift between the piano and computer keyboard. Depending on circumstances on the iPad or laptop I’ll just do it that way and it’s just as fast.

The only trouble is getting the octave right, is there any way to do that on the computer keyboard without entering a note, then Alt-Shift Up/Down to get it to the right place (if that’s the right command, it’s in muscle not verbal memory).

I haven’t tried it myself but I’ve been told by a friend that scorecloud– specifically scorecloud songwriter works very well for this sort of thing.