Can I install software synths on another drive?

My C Drive is filling up. Is there a way for me to install my next software synth on another drive (like D?)

I also see some large synths are offered as sold on an SSD drive. Is there a way for me to run that synth off of that separate SSD they are sold on?

Also, I have a question posted in the VST section that isn’t getting any answers about choosing good orchestra/strings:

Most synths with large libraries can handle libraries from a different drive…
But it depends on the plugin how this is handled.
You can move the Steinberg libraries now, to free some space on C:\

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I find that the easiest way to move any content from my C: drive to another drive (like D:) is to leverage symbolic links in Windows.

You can use mklink in the Command prompt, running as an Administrator. Or, you can install Link Shell Extension so you can easily create links of various types within Windows Explorer.

For example, the quickest way to free up some of your C: drive is to first move the folder:

C:\Program Data\Steinberg\Content

to another drive, e.g.:


Then, using the menu items that Link Shell Extension added to Windows Explorer, right-click on the Content folder in its new location on the D: drive, and select Pick Link Source.

Then, back inside the *C:\Program Data\Steinberg* folder (the original location of the Content folder), right-click on an empty space and select Drop As… Symbolic Link.