Can I load Arturia V as VST 2?

Hi, I was just in touch with Arturia about Analog Lab 4 crashing a lot. I was told that there is a known issue with the VST 3 version. Which might explain why I am not having an issue using V collection in Reason as it only supports VST 2. I thought I would try loading the VST 2s in Cubase and see if things are more stable. Trouble is I can only see the VST 3s in the VST manager.

Any ideas how I can set it to only look for VST 2s. I’m using Cubase Artist 10

Yes you can install it. Make sure to install the 64 bit version.

You can install it wherever you want (then add that folder location to the VST Plug-in Manager) or install it to this folder (if running Windows) that Cubase will scan by default (you may have to add this folder but, like I mentioned, CB will scan it by default).
C:/Programs Files/Common Files/Steinberg/VST2

Also… please add you system, program, & hardware specs to you forum signature for the best assist.

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Thanks, I had them installed already. The only way I could get Cubase to see the VST 2 versions in the plugin manager was to remove the VST 3 versions from the VST 3 folder. Anyway i just did a long session with no crashes so im happy enough.