Can I load plug-in presets by MIDI?

I´ve started up doing MIDI-mapping of an AKAI MPC40 control board, running Cubase 6.5 on a Windows7 OS.

On any one channel strip on the AKAI there are six buttons that can only be used as note on/off.
I´m gonna use this for a live gig. Let´s say for example that I have a mono-delay as an insert on my guitar channel. I want to be able to switch between syncnotes (1/4, 1/8 and 1/8T) with the press of one button, mapping say button1 to 1/4, button2 to 1/8 and button3 to 1/8T.

As these buttons doesn´t work as knobs or on/off-switches - they are simply equivalent of keys on a keyboard - what happens if I map them as syncnote-controls is that it just toggles the syncnote between it´s lowest and highest value. I could assign a knob to to the trick, but I havn´t got knobs enough for every channel, plus I wanna have a quicker way when playing live.

I guess the sollution here would be that one button could load a preset within the MonoDelay plugin (let´s say I named my preset “GurraG:s 1/8T delay” and assign button3 to load just that one). I havn´t managed to find that option though in the sub-menus of MIDI-mapping. Anyone who knows if it´s possible? Or if there´s any other work-around?

Hi and welcome,

In the Key Commands, there is the Next command in the Preset folder. So this should be possible to do via Key Command. Then, I would expect, you can map a MIDI to this Key Command in Generic Remote Device:
Device = Command
Category = Preset
Action = Next.