Can I Make an exact clone of a CD to DDP, including pauses

I’m in the process of making DDP clones of some old CD’s for the company I work for.
When I do the CD-Rip and convert to audio montage in Wavelab, the 2 second pauses are ripped as part of the audio file and then a montage is created with zero pauses. This would be fine except the tracks are 2 seconds longer than labeled on the old booklet. I have to then go in, trim the tracks 2 seconds and manually recreate the pauses.

I want Wavelab to rip the audio files, not include the pauses in the files, and then automatically create the correct pause times between tracks int the montage.
Does this function exist?


There are several functions available in CD ripping, including ripping as one continuous file - if you’re using full WL, cause I believe WL Elements is somewhat limited in this area.

EAC is the only program I know of that can read the points of CD Index 0 (the beginnings of the pauses) and subindexes (index 2,3,4, etc), using standard CD drives. Possibly there are other programs, but I haven’t looked very hard. I suggest using EAC (using any options like read ISRC, UPC, subindexes, cd text) and make wav/cue images which can be opened in Wavelab. I believe Wavelab can only extract the Index 0’s using classic Plextor drives. Maybe I’ve missed something in Wavelab, but I think that’s the case.

While I see many options in the Import CD settings, I don’t see one that would preserve the pauses between tracks.

You may want to look into something like Sonoris DDP Creator Pro or HOFA CD Burn & DDP. I’ve never tried importing a CD with pauses between tracks using these apps, but there’s a chance (small chance) that you can import a CD exactly as it sits on the physical CD and save as DDP and retain the pauses/spaces/negative time and go from there.

Would it be possible to change the times listed on the artwork? The way that WaveLab seems to import the CD is exactly how iTunes and other digital distributors would handle the times and spacing too…any spacing (negative time) is added to the previous track. I assume that if and when the CDs are available for digital distro, you’d want to retain that original time between songs anyway right?