Can I mass transpose MIDI tracks and audio?

Hi folks,
I used a transpose track to transpose a project with close to 100 tracks-midi, instrument, and audio tracks, etc. Everythign sounds the way want, but when I look at the midi tracks they are still displaying to old key on the piano roll. Is there a way to now mass transpose all the midi tracks and the audio tracks? I will be printing out charts for the midi parts and hoping to not have to fix these one at a time.


This is expected behavior, Cubase shows the original MIDI data, not the transposed.

No need to do it separately for each Part.

Select all the MIDI Parts and open in the Key Editor. Do a ctrl+A to select all the MIDI Notes in all the Parts. Then transpose (you can use up/down arrows if you like). After you close the Key Editor, while all the Parts are still selected, make sure to zero out the transpose value on the Info Line so you aren’t double transposing.

Transposing the Part does not change the data, it changes how that data is played.

Freeze Midi Modifiers will burn the track transpose into the midi events.
Bounce Selection is probably the best bet for the audio.

Good to know.