Can I move my Steinberg "Content" folder?

Installed C6.5 on my main SSD boot drive, but dont remember an option to load the sound “content” onto a separate drive.

Right now it’s located at C:/User/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg

Can I just move it over to a more spacious drive? Can I redirect Groove Agent One, Halion One, etc to the new location? Ive used some of the basic loops and stuff from the Media Bay also, will that be easy to redirect?


Aloha J,
and great question.

I too would like to know this info.

I look forward to reading some
members/mods answers on this.


Has been answered here several times already - use the search…

^ My apologies.

Funny thing, I actually just went ahead and tried it (set a Windows restore point first). I moved the entire folder, then started Cubase. UPON OPENING, it prompted me, asking for the new locations :smiley: There were about 12-15 files that it asked for, so hopefully I’m covered. Most were .VSTSound files I believe.

Hopefully its done and resolved. I literally JUST DID THIS, so I’ll jot down some more info here if there’s hangups/problems for others.

And Curteye, do u say “Aloha” to everyone? I’m actually from Hawai’i lol :mrgreen: